• Dry Vacuum Cleaners Power D12

    Dry Vacuum Cleaners Power D12

    Powerful and versatile vacuum cleaner equipped with large capacity container and filters. Telescopic tube and detachable cable. Exhaust air filter. Indicator for “Dust bag full”. Accessory holder. Power brush socket. Good manageability guaranteed by the anterior swivel castors and rear fixed wheels with large diameter. Equipped with anti-shock bumper. Energy efficiency class D.

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  • Dry Vacuum Cleaners AS2

    Dry Vacuum Cleaners AS2

    Entry model of professional vacuum cleaners. It is a great combination of power and manoeuvrability, sturdiness and lightness that makes this unit highly competitive. The use of the polypropylene and a new sounddampening system, allows the vacuum cleaner to be even more silent. AS 2 is provided with cable and accessory holders. Energy efficiency class: […]

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